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Decrease Data Footprint


Thousands of companies buy and sell your data on a daily basis without your knowledge. Because of the number of companies, some of which are nefarious, and the frequency of data transactions between, its impossible to attain data privacy youself.


Even sensitive data isn't private

  • Forbes Magazine and the US Federal Government have reported that virtually 100% of American citizens have had the security of their social security number compromised.

    • Many companies and organizations including the United States government purchase and resell data like your social security to and from data brokers. Because those data brokers can sell to whomever they want your sensitive information is not private without Privet's Data Footprint service. 

Privet's Data Footprint Solution: by subscribing to Privet's Data Foot Print service Privet will

  • Delete your exposed data

    • On a monthly basis Privet will contact a list of more than 1,500 companies on your behalf to have them remove the data they have stored on you. This will not impact the services certain firms may currently provide you with.

  • Prevent firms from selling your data

    • On a monthly basis Privet will contact our constantly updated list of companies to prevent them from reselling your data.

  • Say goodbye to telemarketers

    • Privet contacts key firms to prevent you from being contacted by telemarketers​.​​​

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