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Mobile Application Privacy

All of the applications on your mobile device are able to pull data from your device and other applications. Here are the ways big tech and corporations take your data from your mobile device and what you can accomplish if you keep your data private:


App Tracking

  • Preventing the applications on your mobile device from tracking other apps disables their ability to take all the data from your other applications to use or sell. If you have your social security information on an application this is how a company can access that information.


Ad Tracking

  • Disabling Ad Tracking prevents companies from showing you eerily accurate digital marketing advertisements. 



  • Preventing companies from accessing your location data prevents them from knowing where you and your device were and currently are. Additionally, it will prevent companies from showing you targeted digital advertisements.



  • Preventing companies from accessing to your contacts prevents them from collecting all of the information from the personal and professional contacts on your mobile device.



  • Preventing companies from accessing your photos prevents them from collecting your images and using or selling them for facial recognition software.



  • Similar to photos, see above.



  • Preventing companies from accessing your microphone keeps them from listening to and recording your conversations. Many companies store and sell your conversations to show you accurate digital advertisements.

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